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Away to the north of the Noble Village of the Arts there is, buried in a jade lake at the bottom of a quarry, a stone with magical properties—a stone that sings.  Izraziti the Dreamer has seen the stone through the eyes of an eagle as he soars over the quarry at night.  Concinnity Song and her twin brothers, Ballad and Tarron, along with the council of twelve must mobilize all the hunter warriors to raise the stone and transport it across the land, and build a henge to protect it, according to the covenant with the ancestors for the future of civilization.   To do this they must tap into the true tone that will levitate the singing stone and its companion blue stones out of the quarry.  They will have to battle their enemies, not just the human kind, but a cataclysmic flood and catastrophic fire that threaten to wipe them all out.  As they travel across the land with the stones, the people come together and create an amazing civilization on a journey that will culminate in one brilliant night, the night of the solstice, when all the stones will be raised together to form…The Henge.