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About halfway down the row was Splash, his beloved reindeer.  Rooney didn’t even stop to chat, he grabbed the rough woolen blanket and flung it over Splash’s back, reaching for the saddle in one easy movement and flinging it over the reindeer, who was looking back at him with large curious eyes. “Woah, boy, it’s OK,” Rooney soothed him, as he flung himself up onto his back and clicked his tongue to signify “Go!”

Splash could feel the energy and the urgency and he didn’t waste any time.  He trotted out into the main part of the barn and as Rooney swung low in the saddle to push open the doors, his trot became a gallop.  Expertly Rooney used the reins to guide Splash.  They turned sharply to the back of the buildings and let loose at a full gallop over the back meadow.  On they went with Rooney leaning low on Splash’s neck murmuring encouragement........."

The Efficiency Claus; An Improbable Christmas Tale

"He knew he had to get there as fast as he could.  He sprinted out through the toy workshop mumbling a “be right back” to his father’s surprised face as he flashed past.  Round the corner and out through the double doors, keeping close to the side of the building so that the guards wouldn’t see him if they were still lurking about.  He crossed the snowy field at full speed and burst into the stable slamming the door behind him.  He didn’t think he’d been seen.