Bibi the Camel

Peachey is a normal eleven year old girl with all the usual eleven year old girl concerns.  Until the summer’s afternoon when she  meets HIM – Mr. Glob the Globosis -  a charismatic little creature who lives in a  town called Sisobolg.  She follows him and begins her heart-pounding adventure through a magical and sometimes terrifying land….She learns to have faith in herself and be fearless in the face of devastating danger and she and Mr Glob triumphantly shatter the nightmare and return order to Sisobolg.

 During her breathtaking journey  to find the Land of Lost Opportunities, Peachey visits Lemonade Lake and meets the Monster who is “vewy fwendly”;  She meets all the other Globoses, Wishy Wishy,  the Weeny the Keet and the Goon and  Bibi the Camel and they all travel across the Universe in the Moon beam Rocket

 The story of Peachey was originally commissioned in 1961 as a cartoon series by the famous Hannah-Barbera, which later became part of The Cartoon network.  The original is in the form of a TV script, complete with songs.  It did not come to fruition at that time due to unforeseen complications (Wicked Widgeons??).

Devra is working on an audio version and restoring the original recordings.