Book two of the Muffy Series is available now on Amazon....Muffy is the same curious and happy-go-lucky Goldendoodle puppy you met in book one.  She and her sister, Riff, are now living with the fun-loving family who adore dogs; the Gabriels. How lucky these dogs are to be taken on an amazing vacation to Florida, all of them together in a big house on wheels to visit their cousins who live on the Sarasota Bay.  They drive across the country all together in the 'Great Escape' and then take a breathtaking trip on Captain Skye's tourist boat.  Her puppy and first mate, Starboard, shows them all the ropes, and they go to Teapot Bayou and meet all manner of lively and interesting wildlife, including Puff the dolphin and Melodee the manatee.  Muffy's Florida Adventure is full of warmth and laughter and good family values too.  Little Oliver the Papillion discovers he is brave; Radar the Golden Retriever discovers the courage to stand up for what he believes, and Muffy discovers that it's better not to chase bees.

Muffy swims at Myrtle Beach

Silly Bee!

Melodee the Manatee (bringing music back into the schools...).

Ol' salty Seadog, Starboard