Muffy and the Medicine Cat Blog Tour 2017

May 15th - Character Interview of Shi-mi, the Medicine Cat on Something to Chew On

May 16th - Book Trailer Reveal here

May 17th - Character interview of Muffy by Pete, the Dog Catcher on Kay MacLeod books

May 18th - sneak peak of Muffy and the Medicine Cat audio book on the Hologram Library Youtube channel

May 21st - Review of MMC by Words A Plenty

Triple T (Tots Tweens and Teens) interview of Devra Robitaille to be announced.

Oliver on the radio helping me in the control booth, Freedom Jazz and Tyler being very good and sitting on the table, Muffy contemplating Winter; and Jazz, the old salty sea dog on the boat with me in Sarasota!

The Muffy Series has been a labor of love and the members of the pack are based on some of my own beloved pets over the years.  Living with dogs I have become sensitive to their very different and unique personalities, so I thought it would be fun to give them a voice.  So I wrote these books from their viewpoint, I hope I have done them justice and I hope you will fall in love with the characters, I have.  The books are aimed officially at readers between the ages of seven and twelve, but I am finding that "kids" of all ages, from seven to seventy are enjoying reading them.  

Muffy and the Medicine Cat is the third book in the Muffy Series trilogy.. Join Muffy, the curious and happy-go-lucky Goldendoodle puppy and her fun-loving family, the Gabriels once again as they adopt a new pack member. Winter, the big white dog, is lost in the mountains of Tennessee and must be rescued by Captain Ross in Edna, the plucky little airplane.  Muffy has a run-in with Mama Porkee, the porcupine, and meets Shi-mi, the Medicine Cat who spends her time helping all the animals at the vet.   Winter flies in a helicopter, and meets the good people of Rolling Acres Sheep Farm where Chewey the Great Pyrenees teaches him how to guard the sheep. Hang out once more with this endearing and orderly pack; check in with Oliver, the heroic little Papillion, and Radar the retriever, and Jazz who is “blue”.  Muffy and the Medicine Cat is a wonderful doggie adventure for kids aged seven through twelve, with colorful illustrations.   And in the end……well, you’ll have to read it to find out, now won’t you?