"I'm A Time Machine" - (Robitaille/White)

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TheDream Stealers by Devra Robitaille

THE DREAMSTEALERS! By Devra Robitaille

 Devin’s thrilling story of courage in the face of ruthless greed and skullduggery begins on Earth.  Devin is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives with her scientist father.  He has invented a laser spaceship called "The Traveler," and when he goes for a test run, the machine returns without him.

 Devin bravely sets off to find him and learns how to fly the Traveler, encountering many odd magical characters en route.

 She ends up on a breathtakingly beautiful planet called Vega, which is the headquarters of the Dream Council, where she meets her guides, Ryan and Olam and the “Dream Luminaries” and finds her father again.  She  discovers that the universe is threatened by underhanded and dastardly bandits called the DREAM STEALERS who lurk in the border regions between dreaming and waking, attacking dreamers and stealing their dreams.  They sell the dreams on the black market leaving their victims trapped in an agonizing wasteland, mere shadows of themselves.  The Dream Council is organizing a resistance movement to vanquish the Dream Stealers, re-capture the dreams and return them to the dreamers on Earth via a secret route.   To her amazement Devin discovers that she is not an earthling, but an alien with incredible talents and she bravely steps up to play her part. She enrolls in the flying academy on Vega to learn to become a fighter pilot in the reconnaissance squadron and begins her inspiring journey of defiance and victory.

  • 4:38