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The Hologram Library is an independent family run publishing company, specializing in unique artistic works.  We feel passionate about how important it is for children to read and to dream, and so to that end we are striving to provide quality children's books that introduce young readers to magical stories of places where anything is possible.  Since time began there were storytellers who were Weavers of Wonders and Spinners of Tales, who sparked our minds with descriptions of wonderful lands, some not even in this Universe, that we could journey to by just closing our eyes and letting our imaginations take us there.  This must not become a forgotten art in our mad-cap modern world of technology.

We formed originally as a vehicle for author, Devra Robitaille's books but we plan to add a lot more to our catalog over time. We are also in the process of recording several audio books complete with music and song; little musicals for children of all ages.

​The Muffy Series, a trilogy of books about a family of wonderful dogs, beginning with Muffy and the Dog Catcher and followed by Muffy's Florida Adventure, and Muffy and the Medicine Cat  are all available now on Amazon.  The books came about as a natural result of living with so many dogs over the years. They are the charming, funny and warm tales of  their journeys, antics and adventures, told in their voices for children aged seven to twelve.

"The Efficiency Claus; An Improbable Christmas Tale" is available now, in time for Christmas.  It's a rollicking story about how Under-claus, Santa's chief of staff, tries to computerize Christmas in an effort to triple production in the North Pole.

"The Dream Stealers" was originally written for stage and was signed to the BBC as a television series, but due to acts of God (and emmigration) has organically transformed into a rather nice (if we do say so ourselves) and pretty exciting space saga for young teen readers.

​ Peachey and the Globosis, has an interesting pedigree. It was originally commissioned in 1961 as a cartoon series by the famous Hannah-Barbera, which later became part of The Cartoon network.  The original was in the form of a TV script, complete with songs and has been adapted into a children's action adventure book.  The music was written by Martin Slavin (Devra Robitaille's father) who was a famous British jazz vibraphone player and arranger, and is well known for composing a now-iconic piece of music for the Doctor Who series, which was recently honored at London’s Albert Hall for the fiftieth anniversary.  

"The Henge" launched November 2017, is our novel for young adults and is the story of a bronze-age community who must, according to a covenant with the ancestors, raise an enormous magical stone out of a quarry and transport it across the land where they must build a stone circle, or a "henge" to protect it.

Our theatrical department boasts two full-length and completely scored musicals.  "Cole and Porter" enjoyed a successful six week run in Los Angeles to rave reviews.  "Rinaldi" has also received accolades for the music.  We are working on getting both shows back up on their feet very soon in Florida.

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